Flat Matte Satin or Semi Gloss Urethane Clear Quart Kit
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Flat Matte Satin or Semi Gloss Urethane Clear Quart Kit

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This kit contains one QUART of UC-44 low gloss clear in Flat, Matte, Satin or Semi Gloss sheen and one half pint. of standard activator required to catalyze this clear.  This is a great product at an outstanding price!  

This clear dries to a sleek low gloss clear sheen for a sleek low gloss clear effect.  Special blend of transparent pigments and additives improves mar resistance and toughness while flexible polymers prevent cracking and flaking and improves chip resistance.  Urethane chemistry and U.V. absorbers ensure long life.

Check your local regulations for compliance. This product is not compliant in regions requiring Low VOC automotive paints such as most of California, Maryland, Deleware, Rhode Island and potentially other regions as the Low VOC regulations spread across the country. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 



Which Gloss Sheen should I choose?

The gloss sheen you choose really comes down to personal preference.  Lower gloss sheens like flat and matte tend to be easier to lay down evenly and show less dirt and nibs.  Higher gloss sheens like satin and semi-gloss tend to be easier to clean, more scratch resistant, and look richer in darker colors.


Can I polish this clear?

No.  Polishing changes the gloss in the areas you polish.  If you have a defect in your low gloss paint job  then that area needs to be resprayed in the same manner it was originally painted.


How is the clear mixed?

The clear mixes with activator 4:1 by volume.  However, it is critical that the matting agent gets mixed in uniformly before the clear is activated.  As low gloss clear travels to its destination, the matting agents slow settle to the bottom of the can. If it is not mixed back in well the first applications of clear will be high in gloss sheen and he last will be much lower than expected.  The best way to ensure the matting agent gets incorporated back in properly is to take a paint stick and scrape the bottom of the clear can well, gently mix, remove then stir stick, reseal, then shake well by hand.  Do this each time you use the product and it will remain consistent.


How is it possible to sell these products so much less than other companies?

Our unique sales and marketing strategy allows us to save large amounts of money by not hiring a national sales force to distribute our products. Furthermore, we do not have large marketing budgets based off exorbitant costs of race and show sponsorships.


Is this a quality product?

Absolutely, but don't take our word for it.  Click on the image below to pull up our latest unbiased reviews on our product and services through our ebay store.


How much paint do I need?

The amount of paint depends on a lot of factors but generally one kit will paint the outside and jambs on most vehicles.  Large SUVs or large trucks where you are spraying inside the bed may need another quart kit or two but this is rare.


How much is shipping and how long will it take before I get my kit?

Shipping is based on order total and orders over $400.00 will ship for free to the continental USA!. View our shipping map below for an estimate of how many work days it will take for you to receive your product. See the shipping chart below for shipping cost to the continental USA.



Does this product meet my local VOC requirement?

 Check local regulations before purchasing. Some areas require a "low VOC" automotive paint for compliance with new air regulations. The map below shows some known low VOC regulated areas in red. However, regulations change often so always check your local regulations before purchasing. Contact us at info@thecoatingstore.com for more details.


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We regularly add customer project photos to our facebook page. Click the banner here to visit then click on photos.